I’m a Music Production graduate Leeds College of Music. I am also a classical pianist, music journalist, and overall music enthusiast.

My passion for music started when I was very young, and man came into primary school to demonstrate different instruments and I was struck by the flute. I quickly took up flute and started having lessons much to my teachers’ demise as they said I was too dumb to be a musician…ermm…yeah…okay. After about 4 years of playing the flute I decided I also wanted to play the piano after my neighbour playing his at one of our Christmas gatherings. I was totally in love with the piano from then on and it quickly became my favourite instrument. When I was at secondary school I really wanted to be in the school jazz band so I cheekily talked my parents into buying me a saxophone. Now I look back, gosh, I have been so spoilt. Thanks mum & dad! Anyway, I went on tour in Holland & France with the jazz band and the wind band so that was really cool. I gained a lot of performing experience as a band member but still carried on playing my piano privately, I never performed my piano in front of people, and still don’t; it scares me shitless.

I first stumbled upon music production when I was doing my AS and A level at school, I started taking music technology classes as one of my choices. At first I was so excited – I remember going to the open evening for choices and telling my mum and dad that I would be able to do all sorts of cool things with it, and they bought me a keyboard to plug in to my computer, which back then was a rubbish old Windows PC I think! I was really good at using Logic Pro as I was really creative with all the different things that it could do. I didn’t really know what everything did, but I experimented and used it in a way that created something pretty cool. For my final piece I did a piece of music based on Barrack Obama. I used samples of his voice and chopped them up, pitch changed, added reverb, phasing and flanging, and it worked so well. I even added a hip-hop version of the American Anthem in there to make it even more fitting. Before you ask, no I’m not uploading it…it is quite cringey and a bit embarrassing!

Anyway, after doing my A levels I didn’t really know what I wanted to do from then so I just went into the working world, starting off as a receptionist in a hotel (I hated it). I worked there for 2 years and left to work in Property Management (I hated that too), I then moved on to work in Property Law (hated it, can you notice a pattern here?). Finally I decided that clearly this working-in-a-dead-end-job-that-I-hate thing was not for me and I strived for something more, something a bit more suited to me and something that I actually enjoyed.

I applied to four different music courses, Classical combined with Production and the Foundation Music Production course at Leeds College of Music, Music Production at Leeds Metropolitan University, and Music at Kingston University. I hated Kingston, didn’t get in to Leeds Met, and LOVED Leeds College of Music. Long story short, I got onto Music Production BA(Hons) at Leeds College of Music and I graduated in July 2016.

During my second year I took up music journalism as one of my modules, which is when I decided to start my own music blog. I really enjoyed the content of the course but found my tutor quite drab so I didn’t carry on with it in third year, but thought I could just keep blogging and get some experience with online magazines.

So now you know a bit more about me, let me just explain what I might be talking to you about in my blogs. Well basically, anything. I will be talking about music related things including album reviews, gig reviews, film reviews and other musical musings.

P.s. my name is Emma and it means a lot to me if you’re reading this!