Flashback: Jimmy Eat World’s greatest.

Jimmy Eat World are releasing a new album on the 21st October 2016!

I am sure that this is not brand new news to you lovely followers, but I am pretty excited and felt like a flashback post was needed to celebrate this great band of the American rock genre.

Here are a selection of my personal favourites in no particular order:

  • Lucky Denver Mint – Clarity
  • A Praise Chorus – Bleed American
  • Your House – Bleed American
  • Sweetness – Bleed American
  • The Middle – Bleed American
  • Bleed American – Bleed American
  • Just Tonight – Futures
  • Futures – Futures
  • Work – Futures
  • Pain – Futures
  • Night Drive – Futures
  • My Best Theory – Invented
  • Evidence – Invented
  • Invented – Invented
  • You And I – Invented
  • Precision Auto – Invented
  • I will Steal You Back – Damage
  • Appreciation – Damage

To be honest, my favourite albums are quite clearly Bleed American and Futures. The earlier albums are pretty good, and the latest ones are not so bad but there is something special about Bleed American and Futures. They remind me of my teen years; listening to them full blast on my way to school – releasing all the tension and the stresses of teenage life.

Jimmy Eat World have a couple of new songs out in anticipation of their new album. Sure and Certain and Get Right. They are both pretty good and I actually first heard Get Right in a local bar – obviously when I found out it was Jimmy Eat World I was pretty excited!



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