Album review: Everything and Nothing by Hammock


Hammock are a two man post-rock/ambient band from Nashville, and their new album Everything and Nothing is truly sensational.

This is the Hammock’s seventh studio album, with sixteen tracks over 76 minutes you are bound to get lost in this indulging, atmospheric album.

You will become one with the album when you hear Clarity for the first time, those guitar melodies are magical, and addictive. Listening to this track will take you to a distant place where your mind can wander and your ears can enjoy the reverberant, beautiful music.

Another track that really caught my attention was She was in the Field Counting Stars. To me, this song is filled with romance, love and admiration for someone very special indeed. The guitars are so delicate, and so sweetly played. You will not be able to get enough. This track is a four minute fifty second love story that will break your heart.

The album is so atmospheric, each song telling a new story, each one so thought out and filled with intricate details, and so many wonderful, beautiful textures.

This album has gained attention from the wider audience, people outside of the ambient, post-rock scene, understandably. What we have here is an honest, beautiful album that has blown so many peoples’ minds…including mine.



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