Album Review: Weezer (White Album) by Weezer

Critically acclaimed for their The Blue Album in 1994, Weezer released their new record Weezer (White Album) on the 1st April 2016. I am slightly late to jump on the bandwagon with this one but better late than never, right?

Since their formation in 1992 they have been through a lot, 10 albums, a loss of friend and ex-band member Mikey Welsh, and a hell of a lot of touring. Their last album was Everything will be Alright in the End in 2014 but didn’t attract a lot of attention in the UK.

California Kids kicks off the album with it’s easy going, rolling tune during the verses. When the chorus kicks in is when we are in true Weezer style; grungey guitars, smashing drums accompanied by a vocal tune you can’t resist. Is this track even better than Beverly Hills? Surely not? Maybe!

Thank God for Girls is an exremely rhythmic track, with it’s pop style drumming, rhythmic almost rap-like vocals. This is definitely the most pop rock track on the album. This doesn’t take the quality away from the album, oh no; this is a head bopper indeed and will most likely make young whipper snappers (who weren’t even born in 1992) fans of Weezer.

There is no track on this album that I didn’t think were great, each one is solid with catchy vocal lines and wicked guitars. Weezer are back with this amazing new album, and they have come back in style.




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