My week away from Facebook.

I recently deactivated myself from Facebook for a week, as I was getting very down and my productiveness was going out of the window. Every time I tried to do some work I found myself scrolling Facebook, and wasting half an hour at a time scrolling mindlessly.

Day 1 – Monday 2nd November 2015:

When I woke up on the first morning, instead of checking my phone for any messages or notifications over night I had a good stretch and a nutritious breakfast away from my phone completely.

I found that my day was a lot calmer and I was finding the time to do things I wouldn’t normally get time to do – like watch TED talks and documentaries online, and read a chapter of my book between doing work.

Day 2 – Tuesday 3rd November 2015:

Today I went to university as normal and had my usual lectures. Instead of my head being full of the useless information that Facebook provides, I had a clear and open mind.

When I got back I took my dog for a walk mid afternoon which doesn’t normally happen as I’m usually busy doing something else as I had wasted so much time in the morning looking at the dreaded FB instead of being productive. So now it is not only benefitting me, but it is benefitting my dog too as he is getting an extra walk!

Day 3 – Wednesday 4th November 2015:

I woke up feeling refreshed and motivated to do some really good work today. My jazz piano lesson was cancelled due to my tutor being ill so I did a couple of hours practice before heading to university for a seminar with record producer Phill Brown who had worked with people such as Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Talk Talk, Led Zeppelin, and more. It was really inspiring and I went home in a really good mood, and felt like I wanted the career that he has had, so I started to research some recording studios that took on interns. I was looking at doing a PGCE next year, but now I feel like I actually want to achieve my dreams and become a recording engineer. I know this is very ambitious, but from a young age I have wanted to be a successful person – and I’m not going to let anything stop me.

Day 4 – Thursday 5th November 2015:

I set up my keyboard and MacBook and created an atmosphere with a candle, some fairy lights and the dark. I managed to create an ambient track for one of my assignments at university which is amazing as I have been suffering with serious creative block.

Day 5 – Friday 6th November 2015:

I feel so happy today – I feel motivated and alive. I had a pretty interesting seminar today and was introduced to a new piece of software available to us at university. I went home feeling inspired and worked some more on my assignment for that module. I sent a copy of my ambient track to my tutor for some feedback.

Day 6 – Saturday 7th November 2015:

Today my mum & I spent some time together shopping, having lunch and wait for it…we went to a church service. I went to a church service. It was a really lovely service of remembrance for people who have lost loved ones recently. We both lit three candles each, for my Grandma, Grandad & Granny. In the evening my dad made homemade steak and mushroom pie and Luke & I watched an amazing film – Unbroken – which is based on a true story, directed by Angelina Jolie which was a real pleasant surprise as it was so good.

Day 7 – Sunday 8th November 2015:

I have been to work today 10.30-5.30 and then straight afterwards I went to Pizza Express and to see the new James Bond movie Spectre with my parents, brother and his girlfriend, and Luke – which was really good.

The outcome

I feel that my week away from Facebook was highly productive. I made some pretty big decisions and I opened my mind to new knowledge with the documentaries and TED talks I had been watching instead of mindlessly scrolling through FB and filling my mind with useless information. It changed my mood too, it made me a happier person as I was being more productive and focusing on the people that actually mattered, rather than the people who are my “friends” online yet we never speak. I have learnt a lot this week and I really do not want to activate Facebook again – but in order to work on my collaboration project I need it to contact my group and the artist we are working with. I know it is a fantastic invention and keeps people in contact all over the world but I do think that in the future I will be using FB less and less, until one day it will be banished from my life forever.


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