Concert Review: Leeds College of Music Chamber Orchestra Concert – 6th March 2015

There is a hustle and bustle at Leeds College of Music as guests and students congregate in the One Bar Inn, before proceeding to The Venue for the Chamber Orchestra Concert.

“The Unanswered Question” by C. Ives is the first piece this evening. It silenced the concert hall with it’s eery, tense, discordant sound, with the string section placed in the back corridor, the woodwind on the stage and one trumpet stood at the side above the audience. The piece is a bit of a shock to the system and unexpected, it is hard to listen to yet very interesting with it’s high pitched violins, discords in the woodwind and bursts from the trumpet.

The second piece of music is the “Cello Concerto in C” by J. Haydn. It is a typical concerto with three movements ‘Moderato’, ‘Adagio’ and ‘Finale’. The soloist is Egle Vasiliauskaite; a third year cello student from Lithuania. Her cello playing is truly fabulous, the audience are mesmerised by her talent, and this piece is fully enjoyed by all in attendance this evening.

“A Quiet City” by A. Copland is a much more jazzy, modern piece of music, enjoyable and easy to listen to at this time of the evening. After the short interval it is a nice introduction to the second half of the night, a fresher feel from the first half.

Tonight the orchestra is ending on the “Double Sextet” by Steve Reich. Imagine trains dashing down the railway and you can imagine the style of music. This piece features two grand pianos, and various other instruments in pairs, imitating one another. A really fun piece of music but clearly very hard to play for the musicians.

A stunning night has been had by all, the audience have left feeling very cultured and satisfied with their choice of Friday night. It is highly recommended to catch the next one if you can.


3 thoughts on “Concert Review: Leeds College of Music Chamber Orchestra Concert – 6th March 2015

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  2. Well written 🙂 I don’t know any of the pieces. Steve Reich is the only American ‘minimalist’ composer that I like – his Sextet is good, may have heard the Double Sextet not sure. Sounds like a good concert

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    • Hi Andy! It was really good, I am pleased that I went! If you’re ever in Leeds for an evening be sure to check the Leeds College of Music website for concerts – think you will enjoy them!



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