Gig Review: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Yellowcard & Less Than Jake – Leeds O2 Academy – 14th March 2015

The night kicked off at 6.20pm with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, who are a young band from Paris, France. Their style is pop-punk turns emo-punk-rock from verse to chorus with vocalist Bertrand Poncet going from the typical pop-punk vocals to heavy metal screams. They are a fun band to watch and they certainly caught the eye of the young girls at the gig, the only ones bouncing around at this time. They do a great cover of “All-Star” originally by Smash Mouth which gets the crowd bouncing and pumped ready for Yellowcard.

Yellowcard come on at 7.15pm, starting off with “Convocation” which hasn’t done the job of getting the crowd going yet. The crowd are staying pretty still throughout the whole of the set from Yellowcard tonight, the songs aren’t exciting enough. The fact that they stopped their first song because of a fight and proceeded to call the crowd “f*****g d**kheads” probably didn’t help either. They are finishing their set with “Way Away” and “Ocean Avenue” which are two of their older songs and finally the crowd are bouncing and loving it. It just goes to show that the old songs are always the best.

Finally, Less Than Jake make their way onto stage after a short break. They come rocking on with “Look what happened” and immediately the crowd are jumping, skanking and creating circle pits. There is beer flying overhead, and the toilet-roll-squirting machines are out firing tissue into the crowd, everyone is having such an amazing time. Their set is a massive party for all, ending with an encore of “All my friends are metalheads”, “Gainesville Rock City” and “Pac Man Cereal” with confetti exploding from the stage and smoke flying up the sides of their backdrop (which is an incredible backdrop with drum kit to match).

What an amazing night everyone has had. Less Than Jake never disappoint but have definitely been top of their game tonight. Although Yellowcard haven’t been on point tonight, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Less Than Jake made up for it and tonight has been worth every penny.


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