Album Review: Bury The Ghosts by Sertraline

Sertraline are an alternative rock/metal band from Stoke-on-Trent who are sure to blow your socks off. We have Lizzie on vocals, Josh & Mike on Guitars, Hendo on Bass and Tom on the Drums! They have recently been touring up and down the United Kingdom, with their next big gigs at the Grand Central in Manchester on the 12th February 2015, and the Rockmantic 3 Festival on the 14th February 2015 at the Brickyard in Carlisle.

I was absolutely stoked to receive this mini album through my letter box last week as I had been listening to their single “Set the World Alight” for weeks on repeat and was hungry for more!

So now you have the treat of my take on the mini album.

The album has six tracks in which the first track is Dead Set where the intro takes off with a kick ass bass line, followed by screeching guitars and haunting vocals. You will find yourself bopping your head quite profusely throughout, and singing along to the choruses, it’s the kind of track you would listen to if you needed a stress relief or just feel like rocking out!

The best track from the album is Not Enough, just listen to that intro! It truly does rock, it really gets your adrenaline going, like you want to dance around and smash things. The chorus has more of a punk feel in this one, which is sure to get everyone going in that mosh pit, this band really do know how to write cracking songs and riffs.

Colours is a much more mellow, heart warming track and the vocals are at their prime showing her true emotions through those sweet melody lines. Every album needs a track like this, a track to reflect and hit the heart strings. There is a fabulous guitar solo in the chorus which sings out with the vocals. You will find yourself swaying in your seat to this song within the first ten seconds. The most cracking melody line in the track “You’re doing this to yourself” really does sweeten the ears.

Set the World Alight is their debut single. A fist pumping track with plenty of chant-worthy lyrics and head banging guitar riffs. If you don’t mosh out to any of their other tracks then this is THE track to get in that mosh pit for.

The whole album is a brilliant taster of what is to come from this band. If you like rocking choruses, cracking breakdowns, ear-satisfying harmonies and screaming guitar lines then this is an album for you. You can purchase the album from iTunes for £2.49 from the 9th February 2015.

Check out their Facebook page for updates on releases and gigs:

“Bury The Ghosts” Track List:

1. Dead Set

2. Not Enough

3. Mean To Me

4. Colours

5. Set the World Alight

6. All Choked Up

For fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, In This Moment and Epica.


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