Sass from Sassville: The Caragh Sessions

Although I have been involved in many sessions before, on the 21st November 2014 I led a recording session for the first time EVER. To be honest I was really nervous and I was worried that it would be a complete disaster. The only problem we had was that for some reason our university like to make the patch-bays cryptic, it’s like solving a really hard sudoko puzzle.

After about 30 minutes we set up just fine. It turned out to be a pretty chilled session recording her super sassy vocals to the tracks she wants on her EP.

The room itself is nice, it has green interior, with fancy lighting. The live room is to the right of the control room with a big window in-between, and the vocal booth in front of the desk, also with a window between. The control room is nice and spacious, and the acoustics are pretty good. The live room is quite small, but it is big enough for a small band and is plenty big enough for solo artists. The vocal booth is the best vocal booth i’ve been in – it’s completely dead in there. There is an Audient ASP 8024 console, with a range of outboard gear such as Drawmer Compressors, a TC Electric M-One Reverb unit and more (I will write a blog on these once I’ve done a bit more research and experimenting). Overall it’s a pretty good studio, apart from the cryptic patchbay they have in there!

To record the vocals we used an Neumann TLM 102, and a Rode K2 with the Rode above the Neumann. This was more of an experimental idea as I have not used the K2 before and I know that the 102 is a really nice mic, so I knew I’d get a good sound from that at least! We had the K2 pointing down into the top of the 102 – which worked well, there was no phasing and we got a really nice sound. This time though, I feel that the 102 got the better sound, but I think that is purely down to the fact that the microphones could have been lowered a little so there was more of an even sound going to both microphones. The K2 is nice to have there though, it adds a nice warm feel to the vocals, so it is still useful to have in the mix.

We recorded into Logic Pro X which was weird, I am used to recording into Pro Tools. However, I do use Logic Pro X more for compositional purposes so I knew my way round easily enough. It was quite nice to use Logic in the studio for a change. But I think I will stick to Pro Tools as I know it is more widely used than Logic in the studio, and I would also like to have knowledge of as much software as possible!

I can’t show you right now what we recorded; as Caragh is wanting to save the release for her EP. So watch this space, I will let you know once it has been released.

I hope this has been some sort of interest to you! Feel free to comment!



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