Listening experiences: Digital vs. Analogue


As my followers will already be aware; I love music. I listen to it, write it, and play it…all of the time! Since I was young I have loved music with my first ever CD being Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” single. I still have it to this day and listen to it every now and again. My Dad bought it for me I think, and I remember making home made pizza in our old kitchen when I was about 4 or 5 listening to it.

Up until this past year I have only really ever listened to music digitally on CD or through iTunes, YouTube and other music providing services. My boyfriend bought me a record player for Valentines Day (awesome, I know!) and it is one of my most prized possessions now, I just absolutely love it. I just think it’s a completely different listening experience altogether.

When I pick up a record to listen to for the first time I always check out the artwork and the insert sleeve first, and then I sit down, with a cup of tea and listen to the whole thing, without any distractions. I feel like it is a ritual, and this is what makes me absolutely love it.

This weekend my mum had her 50th birthday party at my house, and half of the party ended up in my room listening to my record collection and they were amazed. My cousin Katie (who I have now convinced to get a record player and start a collection) was absolutely loving it, and I can totally understand why. It’s just a nicer way of listening to music, there is something more physical and something more heart warming about it – no matter what album it is you’re listening to.

I must admit that most of my collection is currently what my Dad passed down to me – but I’m collecting my own records slowly. Here are my favourite records in my collection (this is in no order really, because I love them all:

  • Rumours – Fleetwood Mac
  • Around the Fur – Deftones
  • In Utero – Nirvana
  • Witch – Witch (Orange Vinyl – pretty cool)
  • Lazaretto – Jack White (Plays backwards!)
  • Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music – Ray Charles
  • News of the World – Queen
  • Tango in the Night – Fleetwood Mac
  • War of the Worlds – Jeff Wayne
  • Vs. – Pearl Jam.

I understand why people listen to digital music though – it is cheaper and it is easier to obtain. The average price for a new album on CD or through iTunes is about £9.99, whereas on Vinyl you’re looking at about £24.99 and you have to search for it a bit more. However I do think that the extra cost is worth it, and the search for the record you want to buy adds to the excitement and build up to when you first play it on your record player.

I just love it, it’s just fantastic. There is something special about listening to an album on a record player. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing bad about listening to music on CD or on iTunes, but from someone who listens to music analytically, vinyl is definitely the way forward as it makes the whole thing more enjoyable and satisfying. I hope that everyone gets an opportunity to listen to their favourite album on vinyl, as it definitely changed the way I listen to music for the rest of my life and has made me enjoy music even more than I already did.


7 thoughts on “Listening experiences: Digital vs. Analogue

  1. Great post! Most of the music I own is on CDs. I still prefer CDs over downloads because I like sitting down with my headphones, reading the liner notes, and listening to all the songs in order. Listening to an album really is an experience and you can’t get that from listening to songs on shuffle on iTunes. As for vinyl, I’ve only bought a few records. Most of what I listen to on vinyl are my family’s records that have been passed down over the years. Some evenings when I was a kid, my family and I would listen to old Motown records in the evenings and I miss those days sometimes. Vinyl is a great medium and I’m glad more people are starting to appreciate it. 🙂

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    • Hey! That’s great to hear, these days I think people listen to playlists rather than full albums! I like CDs too – I have plenty of them, but vinyl is something else! I’m pleased there is another album lover out there!

      P.s. Thanks for all the likes!


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